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Subnano instrument to participate in the "IEEE MEMS2016
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        IEEE International Conference of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS IEEE) is microelectromechanical system's most prestigious areas of major international conferences, since the 1987 IEEE MEMS conference held, in January of each year in America, Europe and Asia held alternately. MEMS2016 IEEE will be held for the first time in China, on January 2016 24-28 at the Shanghai International Convention Center (SHICC).
        Subnano Instruments as a sponsor of the exhibition, participated in the exchange with well-known domestic and foreign industry experts in the filed. The company”s 3D optical profiler NanoX-2000 on site demo has successfully demonstrated its measurement capability, ease of use, versatility, etc., and was well received by researchers and professors from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Southeast University, and other well-known colleges and universities. This exhibition is very effective to promote NanoX-2000 visibility in the MEMS research community around world, One customer demo samples, which can’t be measured by a well known competitor’s 3D optical profiler, were all easily measured by NanoX-2000 and the results were fully confirmed the customer. The success of this demo has fully demonstrated the capability of the equipment and is the high light of  the exhibition for NanoX-2000.                                                     
 Exhibition brochure
Taiwan National Tsinghua University professor Fang Weilun                                                             
Southeast University Huang Qingan teacher visit
Jilin University Wang Dongfang teacher exchange
 Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications teacher visiting