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NanoX-2000 3D Optical Profiler at Semicon China 2016
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 “Semicon China 2016”was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 15th to March 17th, 2016。
As a leading local supplier for sub-nanometer precison 3D optical profiler in China, Subnano Instruments participated in Semicon China 2016. The company showcased the latest 3D optical profiler technology, NanoX-2000 with live demo. Many customers brought samples to the exhibition and NanoX-2000 was able to do any measurement ‘on the fly’, from sub nanometer surface roughness measurement, to tens micrometer range MEMS structure measurement. Most of the demo was done within one minute with color 3D structure, detailed cross section profile, etc. During three day exhibition, the company hosted more than 100 visitors, from industry executives, national lab researchers, university professors, to production managers, R&D engineers, OEM integrators, etc. The board applications covers semiconductor, MEMS, packaging, PV cell, LED chip manufacturer, surface coating, emerging microelectronics circuity, etc. The company also hosted International visitors from South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkish, etc. The high level interests from many different industries and different applications demonstrated versatility of company’s 3D optical profiler, NanoX-2000.