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CEO selected Innovation and Entrepreneur Program in Jiangsu
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On August 10th, 2015, the high level innovation and entrepreneur talent program at Jiangsu Province, published a list of candidates to fund. Dr. Xia, chairman of the company was selected as "Entrepreneurial Talent ". Only 2 candidates at Zhenjiang new district were selected after months of various district, municipal, and provincial rounds of review by the filed of experts in the country and oral defense.
The program aims to attract the top level talents around the world to Jiangsu province in innovation and entrepreneurship. Since established in 2007 by Jiangsu provincial government, the government has provided 400 million yuan special funding each year, focusing on the priority of promoting key industry development, nursing a number of competitive emerging high-tech companies.
The selection has affirmed company’s technology, vision, strategy, and importance of 3D optical measurement to nation’s advanced manufacturing 10 year planning. As the only selection in this year’s funding,  company’s key product NanoX-2000 has been recognized by domestic experts for its world class technology, core team strength, and the roadmap for growth.