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QST technology by the well-known management and technical team at home and abroad jointly launched, the domestic and foreign investment to create a number of venture capital fund. The management and technical team practice in semiconductor and MEMS, magnetic components industry for decades, in device research and development and production, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design, micro system integration and application, packaging, testing and production operations aspects with rich experience.
CMOS integrated six axis sensor silicon core technology with independent intellectual property rights (three axis accelerometer with three axis gyro sensor) technology, the product technology is being developed for wireless intelligent mobile system based on, the product has a strong market competitiveness in terms of power consumption, size, performance and cost; we also won the world exclusive and permanent authorization Honeywell AMR magnetic sensor technology in the field of consumer electronics, the technology we developed a high-performance three axis magnetic sensor based products; we are developing nine axis sensor (three axis accelerometer with three axis gyro and three axis magnetic sensor) solutions and systems; in addition, we also developed the quality of products in the field of optical attenuator MEMS.
 QST technology through innovative research and development, will continue to provide customers with high quality products. With advanced technology, efficient execution and quality of service, silicon technology determined to become a world-class sensor systems company.
 QST technology to promote the development of sensing technology for the mission, and your common sense of a better world.