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                                         SemiStar Corp

SemiStar Corp.  is locate in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are composed of people with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry. Based on our professional skills and experience, we deliver total solutions for our customers and partners to achieve their goals and objectives.

SemiStar Corp.  specializes in supporting semiconductor equipment & components and also provide business development, marketing strategies, technical solutions for manufacturers in Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Hybrid industries.SemiStar Corp. has been professionally providing high-tech semiconductor equipment, services and technical support in Semiconductor industry, MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Solar, LEDs etc. We endeavor to be a leader in our product lines. To achieve this, we have been providing unique innovative and cost-effective technical solution, high quality equipment and on time spare parts delivery worldwide. We have maintained a global presence that has grown and expanded into the major high-tech manufacturing areas of the world. We pride ourselves on developing and continuing lasting customer and client relationships.

Our passion and willingness maximizes our customers’ satisfaction and pursue mutual growth.