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                                                    Active Link System Corp.

Active Link System Corp.
Business Hours:09:00-18:00
Name:Xu jiangzhou

WetSpec in-line concentration monitor  

* Probing Solutions Inc. 
Probe Stations  4"~12" wafer probe. Photomask Inspection Station inspecting particles on pellicles or glass and pattern defects.

4 Dimensions Inc. 
Hg CV Mapping system C-V, I-V, Q-V... 4 point probe system Sheet Resistance  Solar Cell, ITO, Wafer mapping.


 * Jandel Probe Heads 

KSC Lithography Software Development 

Service content: Wet process monitor ,Probe station ,Photomask inspection station ,4 point probe system ,Hg CV system,Probe heads,Lithography software development,ADE used system

The main service area:northern Taiwan, central Taiwan, southern Taiwan, Eastern Taiwan

 Contact Information

    Contact Tel: 03-658-6503

    Mobile phone: 0936876545 contact

    Fax: 03-658-6507

    Contact address: jhubei City, Hsinchu County High Iron Road No. 32, 10F-5 (Google map complete display)      
    Contact email: sales@activelink.com.tw
    Spare contact email: david1023tw@gmail.com
    Skype phone: david1023