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Nano X-2000 is used for measurement and analysis of surface morphology and surface structure of a detection device, can be used for scientific research, but also can be used for the detection of industrial products. Nano x-2000 surface micro topography instrument established in scanning white light interference technology and phase shifting interferometry based, with its high precision and accuracy qualitatively and quantitatively reflects the measured surface roughness, step height, key parts of the size and morphology of etc.. Applicable to the field of semiconductor technology, aerospace, MEMS, ultra precision machining and measurement of super fine surface morphology in nanometer scale.


Nano X-2000 3D  surface topography measuring apparatus consists of a precision stage, lighting system, optical interference imaging system, realization of phase shifting motion of the micro displacement system, image acquisition system and image data processing system. The detector is placed in the flotation of anti vibration platform. Loading platform for placed the part to be measured, at the same time through the tilt and the two-dimensional XY translational adjustment the measured surface are accurately located in the region of interest; light source and lighting system is provided to the measured surface evenly and fully reflective lighting; interference imaging system using a Mirau interference objective structure is detected to obtain surface interference image; the pressure piezoelectric ceramics (PZT) realize micro displacement control; through the acquisition of CCD and the independent development of software system and processing interference image, to obtain the measured surface phase information and then get the surface profile.